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Patient & Visitor Guide
  What to Expect

At Caritas Carney Hospital, each staff member is considered to be an integral part of your health care team - from doctors and nurses to our support and housekeeping staffs, as well as the many people behind the scenes. It is this team effort that is the trademark of our care.

We recognize that a hospital stay can be an unfamiliar and sometimes worrisome experience. We hope that the following information will answer any questions that you or your family may have about your stay.

Reservations for your admission are made in advance by your doctor with the exception of emergency admissions. This will allow you some time to prepare for your hospitalization.

If you are coming to Caritas Carney Hospital for day surgery, click here (link to ambulatory surgery) to learn more on what to expect.

What to Bring 
You won't be needing much so please bring as little as possible with you.

  • bathrobe
  • pajamas or nightgown
  • slippers
  • stationery and reading materials
  • health insurance identification

Toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, powder and soap will be provided at the hospital.

What to Leave Home
You must leave valuables, especially jewelery, money, clothing and personal items at home as the hospital will not accept liability for loss.  For safety reasons, electrical appliances, such as radios, televisions, irons or fans, should be left at home.  Also, please do not bring your cellular phone.  Cell phones cannot be used in the hospital.  If medication is required during your stay, your physician will prescribe it.  Please do not bring any medications from home unless you have your physician's consent to do so. 

When You Arrive     
Parking facilities are located in the front lot of the hospital and in the garage to the rear of the building. Handicap parking is available in both locations.  (Note: No cars may be left overnight in either parking area without permission of the security department).

Patient Comfort         
Our goal at Caritas Carney is to ensure that patients are comfortable and that any pain that might accompany and illness or procedure is managed effectively.  People used to think that pain was "something they had to put up with."  Today, that is no longer true.  While a patient at our hospital, we encourage that you work with your doctor and nurse to prevent, relieve, or manage pain so that you will heal faster and feel better soon.  Talk with your doctor and nurse about any pain that you are experiencing, and together this concern can be addressed. 

Room Assignments  
The Admitting Office will assign you a room following your arrival at the hospital. When assigning a room, consideration is given to your medical problem, your doctor's preference and room availability. Unlike a hotel, it is difficult to predict exactly when patients are ready to go home. Room assignments can, therefore, be unpredictable. As a result, it may be necessary at times to place you in a temporary room until your assigned room is ready.  Private rooms are assigned upon request and when available. 

A variety of food is available on our patient menu.  Meal selections are based on your doctor's orders. On the morning following your admission, a nutrition assistant will help you with your choices. If you are unable to select menu choices, selections will be made for you.  Meals are served during the following hours:

  • Breakfast: 7:30 am - 9:30 am
  • Lunch: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
  • Dinner: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Televisions and Telephones  
Televisions and local telephone calls are provided free of charge in patient rooms. We provide these services for free to make your stay at Caritas Carney a more pleasant experience.

Newspapers are delivered to your floor every morning. If you would like newspaper service, you can pay the delivery man personally at the time of delivery, or you may pay in advance for as many papers as you would like delivered.

Patient Mail   
Patients receive mail on a daily basis. All cards and letters should be labeled with a patient's first and last name and room number. Mail that is received after checkout will be forwarded to your home.

Smoking Policy   
Caritas Carney Hospital is a smoke-free facility. No smoking is allowed anywhere on the hospital property. This includes patient rooms, the cafeteria, public waiting rooms, restrooms, conference rooms, private offices, all hospital entranceways and areas near entranceways.

As soon as you the date and time of your discharge, please make arrangements for your transportation. Prompt checkout is extremely important in order to facilitate admission for incoming patients who are awaiting rooms.

In some cases, you may receive bills for what appears to be the same service.  You will receive two sets of bills - one for your doctor's services and one for the hospital's services.  If, for example, your doctor requires you to have an X-ray, you will receive the hospital bill for use of the X-ray equipment, supplies and hospital personnel.  You will also receive a bill for your doctor's reading and interpretation of the X-ray.  Other services for which you will receive separate doctor and hospital bills include anesthesia, cardiology and pathology.